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Explore Company Poster The Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation seeks to recruit an Energy Program Officer (EPO).

About the Foundation

The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation (CGMF) is a multi-generational family foundation, which embodies the vision and spirit of its benefactors. As a mission-driven, grantmaking foundation, CGMF seeks innovative, sustainable solutions for human and environmental problems. CGMF works as a catalyst and engine of change in both policy and practice in Texas, supporting high-impact projects at the nexus of environmental protection, social equity, and economic vibrancy. As a family foundation, CGMF is governed by a board made up of two generations of Mitchell family members. For more information on CGMF, please review their website at www.cgmf.org.

Clean Energy Program Overview

In March 2008, CGMF launched a Clean Energy Program, with the overarching goal to reduce demand for energy and to meet the remaining demand with energy which incorporates sustainable use of water and land resources. The Clean Energy Program deploys a strategic approach to achieve its goals by engaging in policy reform, market-related investments in clean energy technologies and processes, and community and stakeholder outreach. Moreover, to achieve its desired outcomes, the Clean Energy Program engages entities such as the Texas Public Utility Commission, Electric Reliability Council of Texas, elected leadership, utilities, and US Department of Energy. CGMF ‘s Clean Energy Program’s annual grantmaking budget is approximately $1.35 million.

In 2012, CGMF established the Shale Sustainability Program that seeks to minimize the environmental and social impact of shale development while leveraging its net benefits. The current focus of the Shale Sustainability Program is the following:

  • Supporting research and advocacy regarding sourcing and management of water for shale development.

  • Improving governance and practices of shale development in the Trans Pecos region of Texas.

  • Exploring and amplifying solutions to energy sprawl in Texas.

The Clean Energy is led by the Vice President of Sustainability Programs. The EPO is a new position at the CGMF and is expected to deepen the current portfolio of clean energy grants and activities in Texas. With the likely merging of the Clean Energy Program and Shale Sustainability Program, the new EPO must be prepared to effectively manage a broad strategic portfolio of grants and activities. Moreover, in 2019, the Clean Energy Program will undergo a strategic refresh, led by the new EPO with guidance from the Sustainability Program Committee of the CGMF Board of Directors.

Energy Program Officer

As staff of the CGMF, the new EPO will embrace the legacy of Mitchell family. As such, the EPO will possess a sense of humility in acting as a trusted steward of the family’s values. Moreover, with oversight of the Clean Energy Program, the ideal candidate will have substantive, demonstrable experience in clean energy issues in Texas and possess an understanding of CHP (cogeneration); Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) and energy-related technologies; industrial emission reduction strategies; ERCOT policies and practices; market efficiency; etc. To effectively manage the Shale Sustainability Program portfolio, the EPO is expected to demonstrate an understanding of the complex political, social, and environmental issues of shale development. The EPO will report to the Vice President of Sustainability Programs and will be based in Austin, Texas.

The EPO will be challenged to meet the following broad goals and responsibilities:

  • Work with the Sustainability Program Committee, comprised of Mitchell family members, to implement a grantmaking strategy for the Clean Energy Program.

  • Contribute to the Sustainability Program team and particularly the integration of strategies in the larger cross-cutting areas of land, water, and clean energy.

  • Make site visits, attend conferences, and engage private sector, academic, nonprofit, and policy leaders in exploring an integrated perspective on the future of economic and energy systems.

  • Contribute to the CGMF interest in and practice of strategic philanthropy, including carrying out due diligence, developing and updating strategies, and engaging in learning and impact assessments.

  • Contribute to the assessment and modifications of the program strategy in response to new knowledge and serve as a thought leader on the sustainability program team.

  • Maintain a wide breadth and depth of knowledge about the current trends, professional practices, and policies pertinent to the Clean Energy Program.

  • Support individual family members and their interests, as well as facilitate family-led Board committees on Clean Energy Program goals.

The EPO should ideally embody the following professional qualifications and personal attributes:

Professional Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of the landscape of organizations involved in clean energy and shale development in Texas and nationally.

  • Ability to understand complex clean energy and shale technical information and create comprehensive strategies that operationalize the CGMF clean energy and shale strategic goals.

  • Familiarity with public policy and political processes, and an understanding of the role of the nonprofit and philanthropic communities in driving policy change.

  • Experience working with federal, state, and local governance and regulatory agencies on clean energy and shale development.

  • Proven ability to define program objectives, evaluate progress, and independently manage projects through a complete lifecycle.

  • Experience using both objective data and informed opinions to evaluate the impact of an organization’s work.

  • Experience building strong, positive, collaborative relationships with diverse constituencies.

  • Ability to listen to new ideas, encourage open dialogue, and inspire people to work towards common goals.

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs in a Mac environment, especially Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Experience using database software preferred.

Personal Attributes:

  • Passionate commitment to the legacy and values of CGMF.

  • Personal creativity and strategic vision, coupled with an ability to listen to others and learn from their best ideas—a sense of inquisitiveness and intellectual curiosity.

  • Ability to generate and deliver clear and persuasive oral and written communications.

  • Ability to inspire trust, to organize people into teams, and to motivate team members to work well together.

  • Proven ability to be a creative problem-solver.


Compensation for the Energy Program Officer includes a competitive base salary and a package of health and employee benefits.

How to apply

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter responding specifically to the experience and qualifications being sought to Daniel Sherman, President, Explore Company at resumes@explorecompany.com. Refer to CGMF/EPO in the subject line. No phone inquiries please.

The Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and
invites individuals who bring a diversity of culture, experience, and ideas to apply.

All correspondence will remain confidential.


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